What the Plan Means for Students

Whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate coursework or research higher degree student, find out what Beyond 2018 means for you.

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is responsible each year for enabling nearly 8000 undergraduate and postgraduate students to learn, develop, and go on to produce meaningful careers in health care, government, research and academia. The coming decades will see major changes in the patterns of health and disease, the gradual transformation of health systems worldwide as new technologies and innovations developed. At the forefront of this transformation will be the health care professionals committed to quality and innovation.

The new Strategic Plan anticipates these changes with a range of initiatives that will make important changes to students and their experiences in the Faculty.

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In addition to the University’s student experience agenda, the Plan will deliver important outcomes for MDHS students including:

  • New initiatives to prepare students for the workforce including the development of important skills such as professionalism, working in multidisciplinary teams, communication skills, and Asia-literacy.
  • New opportunities for former students and health-care professionals to invest in new skills through an expanded agenda in continuous professional development and Custom Education programs.
  • Access to new innovations and teaching practices and spaces – both physical and online – focused on experiential learning, new classroom models and high-quality interactions between students, academics and peers.
  • Development of a Diversity Action Plan that will better address the underrepresentation of Indigenous Australians, women, people with a disability and people with diverse sexual identities, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. We will also ensure international students are helped to fully participate in University life.
  • Strengthened engagement between the Faculty and Student Leadership.
  • Working to ensure all students can participate in University life free from harassment and discrimination by fully implementing all recommendations arising from the University’s newly established Respect Taskforce.
  • A new Researcher Training Strategy that will encourage our research higher-degree students to be curious, collaborative and globally competitive; with opportunities to work with our partner medical research institutes and teaching hospitals.
  • Opportunities to be at the forefront of the exciting emerging field of health data and analytics, with new research and learning opportunities.
  • New programs for students to develop their entrepreneurial skills through mentoring programs, industry internships, and an annual program of ‘Shark Tanks’ for students to pitch projects and connect with the University’s accelerator programs.

Over the coming months we will expand this website to include a range of new initiatives under development, and opportunities for students to tell us what’s important to you, and how you can get involved.