Learning and Teaching Unit

Meet the 2020 recipients of the Outstanding Student Services award

LTU team on Zoom

The Learning and Teaching Unit won the 2020 Award for Outstanding Student Services.

Whether it's answering prospective student enquiries, providing tailored student support, processing student compliance documents, managing clinical placements, or managing student admissions including GR and Honours enrolment matters, all our students experience of the curriculum are affected by the work of this team.

Team leader, Kim Stevenson, says she would not normally have considered applying for the award, but on being prompted felt it was a fantastic way to recognise and reward the team for their achievements. She is grateful for the considerable support and sponsorship received from key academics in making the nomination.

Although the announcement of the award came at a difficult time for the team, Kim says this made it even more welcome. Announced just as the change plans were published as part of the Professional Services Redesign, with some team members uncertain of their future roles, the public recognition was very validating for the team at a stressful and uncertain time.

It's a lot of work but a rewarding investment for the team. It gave them a solid account of the impact of their work and some external recognition for people whose work is often unseen and unheard when it is done well, Kim Stevenson

Kim's recommendation to others is that applying for an award is a good way to celebrate the work of your team. She suggests making sure to allow plenty of time to complete the nomination.

Repeated lockdowns due to the pandemic have prevented the team from spending the award so far. They plan to use it for a professional development opportunity for the whole team and look forward to eventually being back in the same room together when that happens.