Professor Cathy Humphreys

Meet the 2019 recipient of the Excellence in a Research Team award

Professor Cathy Humphreys
Professor Cathy Humphreys (centre)

Professor of Social Work in the Melbourne School of Health Sciences, Cathy Humphreys, received the Excellence in a Research Team award for the domestic violence social work research team she leads.

The award was based on the strength of this interdisciplinary team that consists of 12 full time and part-time researchers, including RA, early career, mid-career and senior research academics.

‘While I lead the team, the award was in recognition of the importance of the contribution from every team member,’ said Professor Humphreys.

The team consists of 12 full time and part-time researchers passionate about using evidence to make a difference. They feel privileged to work in the area of domestic violence and child abuse, where they feel their research has meaning.

‘It was surprising and wonderful to have others recognise our work,’ said Professor Humphreys.

COVID-19 has interfered with plans the team had earlier in the year to have a writing retreat, but they are still hoping this might happen in the latter half of the year. The award has also been used for small necessities such as business cards for all of the researchers.

There have been many benefits for us receiving the team award. It has certainly strengthened the sense of ‘esprit de corps’ in the group, Professor Cathy Humphreys

It has also been valuable for increasing the validation and visibility of the team and its work. They have been able to cite the award in promotion applications and research grant applications to evidence the level of esteem in which the researchers are held.

Professor Humphreys would certainly recommend taking up the challenge of entering for an award.

‘While there is some work involved in drawing the application together, the process of doing this, in and of itself proved to be worthwhile for our team. Winning of course brought added benefits,’ she said.