Dr Snezana Kusljic

Meet the 2019 recipient of the Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Dr Snezana Kusljic
Dr Snezana Kusljic

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Nursing, Dr Snezana Kusljic is a passionate, inspirational and engaging teacher. Since 2008, her work in bioscience subjects has demonstrated innovation in addressing critical issues of patient safety and mental health nursing care. Dr Kusljic’s approach to coordinating, teaching and developing curricula was recognised with the Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

She sees the award as a recognition not only of her face to face delivery of content and lectures, but the behind the scenes work she undertakes in the scholarship of learning and teaching, pastoral care and development of student-teacher partnerships.

I utilise an individualised approach that incorporates students’ academic, cultural and social factors to develop respectful and successful partnerships,’ says Dr Kusljic.

Student-teacher partnerships are critical in creating positive student experience and good academic outcomes.  Dr Snezana Kusljic

Dr Kusljic says although it was daunting to apply for the Award, the recognition from the Faculty and her colleagues means the world to her.

As a leader in pharmacology learning and teaching in her Department, Dr Kusljic intends to use the award to incorporate the critical field of pharmacogenomics education into her teaching and the curriculum.  Pharmacogenomics reflects the use of an individual’s genetic make up to determine the response to medications.

‘My initial plan was to attend Pharmacogenomics Conference at the University of Minnesota, USA in June 2020. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to attend but am now exploring the option of attending a virtual conference on the implementation of pharmacogenomics education into clinical care.’