Dr Megan Sharp

Meet the 2019 recipient of the Excellence Award for Diversity and Inclusion

Dr Megan Sharp
Dr Megan Sharp

MDHS Faculty Research Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion, Dr Megan Sharp, received the Excellence Award for Diversity and Inclusion for her research program ‘LGBTI+ Inclusion in MDHS’. Dr Sharp reports directly to the Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion and oversees the research and implementation of the Faculty’s strategic initiatives as they relate to creating a welcoming and safe work and study space in MDHS.

‘This award has offered me the opportunity to think about my own professional development, particularly in regard to the online learning environment,’ said Dr Sharp.

One project she is currently working on, funded by a Student Services and Amenities Fee Grant, is an online training module for students to build their skills and knowledge about LGBTIQ+ allyship, and so she has been developing her understanding of virtual education spaces with Learning Environments.

The process of applying for the MDHS Excellence Award allowed me to look back on two years’ worth of work and see how far I had come as an early career researcher and equity advocate, Dr Megan Sharp

She said it’s astonishing to see how much one can do, even when time seems to run away quite quickly. Dr Sharp’s award has also come in handy when applying for the University’s Excellence in Social Inclusion Award, which she is waiting on the outcome for.

‘My advice for anyone applying for this particular award would be to tell the story of your initiative or project as only you can,’ Dr Sharp said.