Nominate for an award following these key dates and step-by-step instructions

Key dates

Monday 1 August 2022

Nominations open

Monday 3 October 2022

Nominations close

Tuesday 29 November 2022
4.00pm to 6.00pm

Award recipients announced live at awards ceremony (online or in person TBC, subject to physical distancing restrictions).

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Explore the awards

    Read the Awards Guidelines, including the:

    • Key dates
    • These instructions on how to nominate
    • Eligibility and selection criteria for the award/s for which you are intending to submit a nomination

    View previous award recipients:

    • View the honour roll for examples of successful nominations

    Discuss the potential:

    • Discuss the potential of your nomination for award with your supervisor, mentors and trusted colleagues
  2. Prepare your nomination

    Commence your online nomination form:

    Strategic Excellence Awards

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Indigenous Health Education

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Indigenous Health Research

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Indigenous Health Engagement

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Mentoring

    MDHS Award for Leadership Excellence

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Staff Supervision

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Internationalisation

    Learning and Teaching

    MDHS Award for Learning and Teaching Achievement

    MDHS Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching

    MDHS Award for Program Innovation

    Research and Research Training Awards

    MDHS Award for Outstanding Graduate Researcher Supervision

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Industry-Engaged Research

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Research by an Early-Career Researcher

    Engagement Awards

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Engagement - Partnerships Award

    MDHS Award for Excellence in Engagement - Public Value Award

    Professional Excellence Awards

    MDHS Award for Professional Excellence and Innovation

    MDHS Award for Outstanding Student Services

    Draft your written nomination:

    • Include a summary paragraph describing the work for which you are seeking an award (maximum 200 words)
    • Include your responses to all relevant selection criteria, as outlined under each award (maximum 2000 words)

    Commission and attach two referee statements:

    • Include one statement from a referee who may be internal or external to the Faculty and who should be able to comment specifically on the work for which you are submitting for award (maximum 1 A4 page)
    • Include one statement from the nominee's Head of Department, Centre or Institute Director; or, for nominees in single-Department Schools, Head of School; or, for nominees in the Faculty directorate or University shared services, portfolio Director or Chief Operating Officer (maximum 1 A4 page)

    Prepare and attach a curriculum vitae:

    • Include an up-to-date, abbreviated curriculum vitae for the nominee (for individuals, maximum 3 A4 pages)
    • Small teams may allow 1 additional page per extra team member (i.e. a team of 3 may have 5 A4 pages [3+2])
    • Large teams should submit an enquiry to for advice on presenting the team's profile
    • Include, where you are nominating for a teaching-related award and the described activities include University subjects, a summary of results from the University's Subject Experience Survey and/or Quality of Teaching surveys in all relevant subjects for each of the last two years

    Attach a photograph:

    • Upload a recent, high-resolution photograph of yourself or, for team-based applications, your team
    • In supplying the photograph, you agree to give the Faculty the right to use the photograph for the purpose of the award ceremony and for marketing and communications relating to the Faculty staff excellence awards scheme, including but not limited to publication on the Faculty's internet and intranet pages and inclusion in internal and external newsletters and email communications
    • Note nominations for colleagues without their knowledge do not require a photograph

    Attach optional supporting material:

    • Maximum 5 A4 pages (or equivalent for websites, audio visual material)
    • Clarify the reason for including supporting material in your written nomination
    • In the case that your supporting material is a website (URL), media file or similar, you should attach these in an accessible format (e.g. MP3, MOV) or provide a link or appropriate information to access the material

    Draft optional statement of performance relative to opportunity:

    • If you request your nomination be considered relative to opportunity, then you should include a statement outlining the effects of personal circumstances, career interruptions and authorised leave of absences on the quantity, range, rate or consistency of the nominee's contributions and achievements over time
  3. Submit your nomination

    Complete and submit your nomination online:

    • Submit your completed nomination online by 5.00pm on Monday 3 October 2022
    • Note the online nomination form strictly enforces word limits, and page limits must be adhered to—additional pages will not be considered by the selection committee
    • Note all nominations are confidential.

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