MDHS Global, Place and Community Awards

The Global, Place and Community Awards recognise exemplary practice in the strategic themes of Global, Place and Community as expressed in Advancing Health 2030. At the heart of Global, Place and Community is collaboration, innovation, and nurture and purposeful and meaningful engagement and collaboration with our students, staff, alumni and partners to achieve shared outcomes that are for the benefit of our communities and society

Global, Place and Community Awards

  • Award for Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

    This award recognises excellence and innovation in the development and delivery of curricula or research or initiatives that improve Indigenous health and wellbeing, or outcomes for Indigenous students. The activities described may include educational and research activities or collaborative initiatives with Indigenous organisations or other partners that contribute to advancing Indigenous health. The award is open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff where co-design and collaboration with Indigenous people is evident.

  • Award for Partnership and Collaboration for Public Benefit

    This award recognises new models of collaboration and knowledge sharing between industry, health, research, or community partners in local or global arenas that have made a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities. This may include a wide range of activities from engaging in public debate to influence the health of communities to developing research programs or other initiatives involving other institutions, industries, organisations, governments or community groups.

  • Award for Building an Inclusive, Values-Driven Student Community

    This award recognises new initiatives or demonstrated commitment to building a diverse, values-driven student community. Activities might include but are not limited to co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, recruitment, selection and retention efforts, teaching, student support or community outreach projects. The work should reflect the objectives outlined in Advancing Health 2030, in particular those listed under Community.

  • Award for Mentor Excellence

    This award recognises excellence in the mentoring of Faculty colleagues, whether professional, academic or both. Award recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding contributions as mentors, involving: a sustained record of effective mentoring, exceptional skills in the provision of support and the sharing of knowledge and respect for the development of colleagues as individuals. Nominees should demonstrate a dedication to nurturing the careers of their colleagues aligned to Advancing Health 2030 and the Faculty Values.

  • Award for Professional Excellence and Innovation

    These awards recognise excellence and innovation in professional staff contributions towards fulfilling the purpose, vision and goals of MDHS. They are awarded to professional staff individuals and teams who have, for example, given outstanding service to their work area, made a significant contribution to innovation, displayed outstanding teamwork and who have exhibited the Faculty Values aligned to Advancing Health 2030.

Nomination criteria for Global, Place and Community Awards

Nominators should provide evidence to support the nomination in the respective award category, using the forms of evidence that best make their case. These may include and are not limited to the following:

  • Demonstrated collaboration with Faculty (students, academics, professional staff) communities and external partners.
  • Quantitative and qualitative evidence to demonstrate the outcomes, learning and future impact of the collaborative initiatives. This may include, where appropriate, references from external partners.
  • Demonstration and promotion of Advancing Health 2030 and Faculty Values.
  • Demonstrated community/partner involvement, reciprocity and co-design and co-creation.

How to apply