People and Culture

Five-year Action Plan

Explore our five-year action plan for People and Culture.

Our ambition

The faculty has a long history of excellence. We recognise that the best work is produced in an environment that welcomes new ideas and a diverse mix of people. It is our aspiration that the Faculty, and its leaders, reflects the diversity of our wider society. We want all those who work and study in our Faculty to trust that their contribution will be recognised and valued: from the staff member who organises volunteer programs in remote clinics, to the leading researcher in a hospital. This means recognising and rewarding all the work that is done here – teaching and researching, engaging and leading.

The Faculty is the sum of its talented staff and students. If we are to maintain our success and our place among the world’s best, we need to invest in developing our people and fostering a culture that supports us all to do our best work. Over the next five years, we will provide career support across the board, with better training for leaders and supervisors, and careful succession planning.

Caring for people is at the heart of the work we do. We intend to reinforce a culture of integrity throughout the Faculty, so that all staff and students understand what is expected of them. The Faculty’s values will be a guiding principle for all of us and will be integrated into our ways of working, our leadership and our performance expectations.

We recognise that the best work is produced in an environment that welcomes new ideas and a diverse mix of people.

Five-year actions

Action 1.1

We will explicitly integrate our values and behaviours into all ways of working, our leadership and performance expectations, in order to support a culture that keeps people engaged and motivated.

Action 1.2

We will develop career progression pathways for all academic and professional staff. This will include:

  • Identifying transparent criteria for the promotion of teaching and research academic staff
  • Establishing training programs to help staff develop
  • Articulating performance expectations that align with the Faculty’s strategic goals and core values
  • Implementing a reward and recognition program to incentivise and celebrate achievement

Action 1.3

We will invest to ensure our current and future leaders have the skills to enable staff and students to do their best work, and develop rewarding careers. This will include:

  • Developing and implementing targeted development programs that support current and future leaders
  • Bringing the Faculty’s management and sign-off structures into line with best-practice models for effective management/leadership
  • Developing training resources to enable supervisors to build their capabilities
  • Reforming the PDF process to include a focus on career development and service opportunities, in addition to performance expectations

Action 1.4

We will develop a new Diversity Action Plan that addresses specific areas of underrepresentation in our Faculty, including that of Indigenous people, women, people with disability, and people with diverse sexual identities, ethnicities and religious backgrounds.

Action 1.5

We will implement fully all recommendations arising from the University’s newly established Respect Taskforce.

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