Five-year Action Plan

Explore our five-year action plan for Infrastructure.

Our ambition

Over the next decade, the university will make an unprecedented investment in modernising its infrastructure to accommodate growth and meet the evolving needs of teaching and research. Central planning for future STEM-M infrastructure needs is well underway. The planning includes consideration of redevelopment of the ageing Medical Building, bringing our six Schools together under one roof, and the need to accommodate additional researchers in the Faculty as the Medical Research Future Fund is implemented.

There is huge potential for buildings to promote greater interaction between academics from different disciplines. Bringing the related research and teaching activities together in one building creates opportunities for dynamic and continuous exchanging of ideas, sharing of expensive equipment, and a more efficient use of space.

Over the coming year we will continue to work with Chancellery to develop a timeline for the development of a new building. We will investigate new models for teaching and collaborative research, learning from the world’s best to guide the development of our new home. We will ensure we have an effective plan in place to minimise the disruptions to our staff and students during construction of the new metro rail station under Grattan Street.

Bringing the Faculty together under one roof will create opportunities for dynamic and continuous exchanging of ideas.

Five-year actions

Action 9.1

We will finalise a Metro Rail Project impact management strategy for MDHS, with the preferred tenderer and Chancellery.

Action 9.2

We will finalise a plan that addresses the need to accommodate the additional MRFF-related researchers in the Faculty.

Action 9.3

We will develop an agreed timetable for development of a new home for all six Schools of MDHS with Chancellery.

Action 9.4

We will develop new teaching and collaborative research models to guide the development of a new home for MDHS.

Action 9.5

We will prioritise the creation of ‘public space’ in any redevelopment of the Triradiate precinct that engages the public with health, and creates opportunities to showcase our museum collections.

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