Indigenous Development

Five-year Action Plan

Explore our five-year action plan for Indigenous Development.

Our ambition

Our Indigenous students, teachers and researchers are an asset to this Faculty, adding to our great diversity of expertise and knowledge. Indigenous people bring with them a wealth of experience and skills that enrich the perspectives offered by the Faculty, and enhance the impact of our work on the health of Indigenous communities. Since 2010, the University has formalised its contribution to reconciliation in Australia through a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), to create pathways and programs that support Indigenous Australians to succeed in higher education and provide rewarding careers as an employer.

In this new phase of the Faculty’s Plan, we will build on the RAP and expand opportunities for Indigenous participation study and academic pursuit, and the training of the next generation of Indigenous health professionals and academics.

Over the next five years, we will continue to increase Indigenous representation within Faculty leadership to provide the necessary expertise to support and grow our Indigenous research and teaching portfolio. We will expand our programs that support the enrolment and graduation of Indigenous students and expand our existing training and development programs for emerging and established Indigenous leaders.

Indigenous students, researchers and teachers are an asset to this Faculty, adding to our great diversity of expertise and knowledge.

Five-year actions

Action 6.1

We have appointed new senior Indigenous academics to provide leadership to Indigenous PhD candidates and early career academics.

Action 6.2

We have expanded the Melbourne Poche Leadership Fellows Program to support the development of Indigenous early career academics.

Action 6.3

We have developed an undergraduate ‘gateway’ program to prepare Indigenous students for graduate coursework into the health and biomedical sciences.

Action 6.4

We have increased the number of PhD scholarships and Early Career Research Grants for projects that meet Indigenous health priorities.

Action 6.5

We have developed an Indigenous outreach engagement strategy to reconnect with Indigenous alumni and with local Indigenous communities.

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