Faculty Operations

Five-year Action Plan

Explore our five-year action plan for Financial Sustainability and Faculty Operations.

Our ambition

Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is a large and complex Faculty. Our annual expenditure exceeds $600 million, we employ more than 2000 staff and teach 7500-plus students. Effective Faculty operations underpin the important work we do in teaching, research and engagement. Support from our talented professional staff is integral to our success, as is good financial practice, well-designed systems, and sustainable and streamlined processes.

Over the next five years, we will concentrate on making life in the Faculty easier by improving how decisions are made at the top and bottom of the chain of command. We will systematically work through our processes and procedures, with the help of an established taskforce, focused on reducing complexity and administrative burden for staff and students. We will also work closely with the six Schools to develop opportunities to generate income through our teaching services and research, boosting our capacity to reach our strategic goals.

We will streamline our processes and place decision-making closer to the ground to ensure that the Faculty operates effectively.

Five-year actions

Action 10.1

We will ensure the Faculty is financially sustainable by working closely with all six schools to identify new opportunities to generate income and create the capacity to make strategic investments.

Action 10.2

We will implement a Comprehensive School Review process for all six Schools, to support continuous improvement across the breadth of teaching, research, financial management and staff engagement.

Action 10.3

We will convene a new ‘Kafka Committee’ to systematically review our processes, and reduce the level of administrative burden and red tape across the Faculty, prioritising teaching and research administration. The committee will be chaired by a senior academic, and deputy-chaired by the Chief Operating Officer.

Action 10.4

We will review, and where needed amend, the Faculty’s committee and council structure, to ensure decision-making is transparent and timely, and assigned to the appropriate level.  We will update the membership of these bodies to accurately represent the diversity of the Faculty.

Action 10.5

We will review and strengthen the Faculty’s internal communications, including greater use of social media to connect to staff and students in the Faculty. We will make sure we better explain our decisions, changes and process improvements, and create channels for staff and students to provide ongoing feedback.

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