Five-year Action Plan

Explore our five-year action plan for Engagement.

Our ambition

Since inception the Faculty has always worked in collaboration with its partners – with hospitals and medical research institutes, with governments, the community, and with the health-related industries. For over 150 years the Faculty and its antecedents have worked to establish respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with partners – relationships that have formed the basis of Australia’s greatest concentration of healthcare, biomedicine and higher education.

In the coming decade, these partnerships will become even more fundamental to our work. Programs such as the Medical Research Future Fund will promote even greater collaboration between researchers and healthcare professionals, to deliver improvements to patient, system or commercial outcomes. The University’s position in the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health gives us and our partners the collective strength to co-ordinate activity where there are shared goals and engage more effectively with government to support health policy reform.

We will strengthen our shared agenda with communities in Melbourne’s west and Shepparton, and we will continue find new ways to connect our academics and students directly with our alumni and communities. We will also play a greater role in advancing public debate about important health issues and develop a co-ordinated approach to working with government to influence policy priorities, while preparing our graduates to become the next generation of community leaders.

Our precinct is bound together by a dense network of collaborative arrangements involving students, researchers and academics.

Five-year actions

Action 4.1

We will make a major investment in strengthening and deepening our partnerships with healthcare providers and medical research institutes. This will include:

  • Proposing new bilateral ‘accords’ with our major clinical, research and teaching partners, joint investment planning, and the appointment of senior Faculty academics to act as ‘ambassadors’ to ensure every partner has a single point-of-contact with the University
  • Taking a greater leadership role in the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH), and working with our partners to position it as the primary mechanism for multilateral collaboration and health translation
  • Streamlining and improving access for our partners to the skills and platforms within the University (such as bioengineering, mathematics and statistics)
  • Working with our partners to better engage governments to support health reform and influence policy priorities
  • Creating an annual flagship event for Faculty and partners to celebrate shared achievements and foster partnerships

Action 4.2

We will develop the next phase of our community engagement with Melbourne’s west, Shepparton and within the communities served by our partners. We will build on successes and lessons learned, and will work with community leaders to understand local needs, while seeding projects that will make material improvements. This will include:

  • Appointing Principal Academics for western Melbourne and Shepparton, and Principal Engagement Academics in each of the six schools
  • Ensuring we have strong, community-driven governance arrangements
  • Finding new opportunities for Faculty staff and students to get involved and contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Identifying new out-of-classroom learning opportunities within communities that enrich the experience of our students and benefit communities

Action 4.3

We will build on our already strong achievements in philanthropy, and deepen the connection between students past and present with the Faculty’s mission. This will include:

  • Rolling out the new Leaders Engaged in Academic Philanthropy program across MDHS, to help senior academics participate in the University’s Believe campaign
  • Working collaboratively with our hospital and research institute partners to engage donors in our shared philanthropic priority areas
  • Delivering new engagement activities for alumni across the Faculty, particularly to connect them with, and mentor, current students
  • Strengthening connections with MDHS alumni outside of Melbourne and Australia, linked to the Faculty’s international priorities

Action 4.4

We will expand the University’s support for public debate and discussion of important health issues. This will include:

  • Expanding the Dean’s Lecture Series
  • Developing a program of public lectures, seminars and debates that engage partner, patient, advocate and public audiences to advance debate on important public health issues
  • Utilising the Faculty’s extensive museum collections to support public engagement with the Faculty and public discussion of health issues

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