Data and Health

Five-year Action Plan

Explore our five-year action plan for Data and Health.

Our ambition

Data has enormous potential to improve public health and lead to improved patient outcomes. Today, it is perhaps one of the greatest forces driving transformations in the way we predict, prevent, detect and manage disease. As Australia’s healthcare system moves towards the systematic integration of digital health records, it is particularly important that we invest in our capabilities in order to maximise the potential of data to improve healthcare.

We will bring together and strengthen our expertise in clinical and health informatics and data analytics. We will develop a co-ordinated approach together with our partners, industry and government to make high-value health data more accessible to researchers, and ensuring that we can turn this data into meaningful health information. We will provide enhanced training courses and programs to better equip our graduates and those already in the workforce to understand and use data.

Data is perhaps the greatest force driving transformations in healthcare and the way we prevent, detect and manage disease.

Five-year actions

Action 5.1

We will establish a major new joint facility with a focus on Clinical and Population Health Informatics with other University of Melbourne faculties, as well as clinical, research and government partners. This will include:

  • Establishment of a Steering Committee to lead a comprehensive planning process.
  • A detailed analysis of the University’s and our partners’ current capabilities and identification of critical skill and capability gaps
  • Recruitment of a Director for the new Facility
  • Appointment of a lead academic and professional staff member to coordinate the Faculty’s data and computing needs with the Chancellery-led Data Science Initiative

Action 5.2

We will expand the core of expertise in clinical and population informatics and data analytics by recruiting new academic staff and retaining current academic leaders.

Action 5.3

We will enable access to national and international health-related databases and appropriate training, to facilitate joint research on emerging secure and linked data platforms. This will include:

  • Identification of leading global centres and development of MoU’s to support collaboration and academic exchange
  • Development of formal collaborative agreements with the Victorian Government that enables data access for joint research projects

Action 5.4

We will provide enhanced training in clinical and population informatics and data analytics for all users of information, including our graduates and those already in the workforce. This will include:

  • Appointment of a Principal Academic for ‘Health Informatics Training’ to work with the relevant School/Faculty Directors of Learning and Teaching to identify priorities for the development of data and analytic skills across all levels of study and the academic, clinical and health workforce

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