2019 Action Plan

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Explore our Action Plan for 2019, which details the progress you can expect to see over the next 12 months.

I am pleased to present the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences’ 2019 Action Plan.

When we released Beyond 2018 last year, we set an ambitious direction for faculty for the next many years – as we finish our first full year, I would like to share with you the progress we have made. There is a lot to thank you for, but particularly I would like to highlight the significant changes in:

  • strengthening the faculty's values-based culture and setting the standard of safe and respectful workplace behaviour
  • raising the prominence of learning and teaching through clearer performance expectations, and new teaching awards and fellowships
  • large-scale investment in recruiting and developing brilliant and innovative scholars, to increase our capacity to conduct world-class research

In 2019, we will continue to deliver on the commitments and aspirations of our plan. We will continue to strengthen the quality, scale and impact of our research driven by the Commonwealth’s Medical Research Future Fund. The faculty is preparing for the anticipated growth in research through investment in carefully selected areas of research, new fellowships and leadership development programs to support existing researchers, and the finalisation of an infrastructure plan.

We will also place a special emphasis on new opportunities in learning and teaching, through refocused marketing of postgraduate degrees, custom programs, online and continuous and professional education – and in delivering the latter we will capitalise on the recently established Melbourne School of Professional and Continuous Education (MSPACE).

2019 will also be the first full year of our 20th Vice-Chancellor, Professor Duncan Maskell. He brings a particular interest in collaborating with industry, in innovation and in commercialisation. Over the coming year Professor Maskell will be leading the development of a new strategic plan and I look forward to working with you to ensure that the faculty’s priorities are reflected in the new University plan; and we evolve our plan to reflect the University’s new ambition.

The progress made to date and our plans for the coming year are due in large part to the unwavering efforts of many people across the faculty. I am thankful to all who have been involved, and I look forward to seeing what we will achieve together in the coming year.

Professor Shitij Kapur, MBBS, PhD, FRCPC, FMedSci

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Health

Download the Action Plan