Staff and students in the Faculty of MDHS are currently undertaking much important research on Indigenous topics, particularly as it relates to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander health outcomes. The period 2005–10 produced hundreds of refereed publications, millions of research dollars in grants and more than 20 funding partners.

There are many different research approaches, and many questions to answer, in relation to Indigenous health. Some of the approaches applied to Indigenous health research within the Faculty include: translational; epidemiological; historical demography; clinical; workforce; population health; ethics; and sociology. A great deal of the research has a community development focus, thereby ensuring that community not only benefits from the findings, but also from the research approach and process.

Marcia Langton, Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies
"By insisting on creating the opportunity for Indigenous students to excel we have brought a culture of excellence, rather than of low expectations, to the Faculty." Marcia Langton, Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies

Reconciliation Action Plan: A Progress Report (PDF)