From Biomedicine to Engineering


Naomi Sutanto

Naomi Sutanto
"I have never stayed in an educational institution for more than 3 years. This is my 6th year here, and I still love it!"

"The Bachelor of Biomedicine was a great opportunity for me to discover my strengths and weaknesses in terms of learning areas. I had always thought that I would excel at anatomy and psychology, but as it turns out, physiology and physics were more to my taste. Ultimately I am thankful to have been able to major in Neuroscience, which had been my dream since high school. I was in second year of my Bachelor of Biomedicine degree when the realisation came that Medicine was not the path for me. Thankfully, we had the subjects Maths and Physics incorporated into the degree, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I still wanted to do something health related, so I decided to look into the Master of Engineering (Biomedical). The bionic eye intrigued me greatly and this is where my interest in Engineering grew! Because of the flexibility of the Melbourne Model, I was able to be accepted into the Melbourne School of Engineering for my Master's program, even though I had not majored in an engineering field." 

"After graduating from this course, I have considered a couple of possibilities such as working for a medical device company, moving overseas for graduate jobs, travelling or doing a PhD. All I know is that whatever I do, I hope to be able to work in a role that allows me to make a difference to the disadvantaged, whether it is in the socio-economic, physical or educational sense. This degree has equipped me not only with the technical knowledge for engineering purposes, but also the problem solving skills and work ethics which are very applicable in other professions."

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