Service Locations

Services available across various faculty locations.

Equipment Department Location Year Contact
Histology Biomedical Sciences Academic Centre Medical building, level 2 Laura Leone

Website: Biomedical Sciences Histology Facility
Access: Fee-for-service.

Histopathology & Organ Pathology Service (HOPS)

Anatomy & Neuroscience

Medical building, level 2 E236

Tina Cardamone,
John Furness,
email enquiries

Features: Full mouse histopathology examination, specialised animal pathology, digital histological slide imaging.
Website: APN Histopathology
Access: Fee-for-service

Tissue culture Anatomy & Neuroscience Medical building Richard Anderson Website: A&N tissue culture
Access: Fee-for-service
Small animal MRI facility Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health Florey Institue

Dr Alan Connelly Ph: 9035 7002

Features: 4.7 Tesla MRI
Website: Small animal MRI facility
Access: Collaborative agreements (subsidised scanning costs) and fee-for-service.
Integrative Neuroscience Facility National Neuroscience Facility Florey Institute  Features: The INF provides behavioural, anatomical, physiological and pharmacological assessments of animal models for neurobiological and psychological research and pre-clinical drug testing for industry.
Website: INF Access: Fee-for-service
Australian Genome Research Facility The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research WEHI, level 7 Matt Tinning Features:  DNA sequencing, genotyping, microarrays, agricultural genomic services, colony picking/gridding, SNP analysis bioinformatics.
Website: AGRF                                                                             Access: Fee-for-service
MBC Flow Cytometry Facility   Melbourne Brain Centre

Vanta Jameson, MBC Flow Cytometry Facility manager

Ph) 9035 8536

Equipment: The MBC Flow Cytometry Facility has a technician-operated 5-laser Becton Dickinson FACSAria III sorter and a DIY 3-laser Beckman Coutler CyAn ADP analyser. A high-throughput, 2-laser Beckman Coulter HyperCyt is available off-site at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Also available are an epMotion liquid handling robot and a ViiA7 QRT PCR machine.
MRI computational facility Centre for Neuroscience E&EE, NICTA room Neil Killeen Access: By arrangement with Neil Killeen.
Electron microscopy facility Pathology Medical building, level 2, Pathology wing Anna Friedhuber Features: Transmission or scanning electron microscopy.  Technical assistance, training and professional advice available.
Website: Electron microscopy
Access: Fee-for-service
Metabolomics Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Bio21  Website: metabolomics
Media Preparation Unit Microbiology and Immunology Microbiology and Immunology, building 184, room 5.21 Elena Paraskeva/ Paula Mitchell Ph. 8344 5414/8344 3881

Features: Extensive range of Bacteriological and Tissue Culture Media made to NATA (Biological) Certification specifications fully quality controlled.
Website: Microbioogy and Immunology
Access: Via website, booking required. Fee-for-service.

DMI Flow Cytometry Facility Microbiology and Immunology Microbiology and Immunology, building 184, room 409 Tina Luke / Angela Hind Ph. 9344 9937

Features: Cell Analysers: Becton Dickinson FACS Caliburs, Canto's LSR11, Fortessa. Cell Sorters: Becton Dickinson FACSAria, Beckman Coulter Atrios.
Website: Microbioogy and Immunology
Access: Via website, booking required. Fee-for-service.