Controlled mechanical stimulation for cartilage regeneration modelling with 3D bioprinting techniques

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PhD, Masters by Research
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St Vincent's Hospital
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Promising treatment options of cartilage injuries combine the use of 3D-printed biomaterials with stem cells, commonly referred to as bioscaffolds, to produce hyaline cartilage. Although this repair strategy has good prospects, its main shortcomings are the difficulty in matching and mimicking cartilage development in the in vitro studies required to validate the specific 3D bioprinting system.

The aim of this project is to characterize the rate of chondrogenic differentiation of 3D bioprinted samples laden with mesenchymal stem cells, by mechanical stimulation. We aim to demonstrate that the mechanical loading mimics the physiological development environment of native cartilage and allows regeneration of functional cartilage.

To accomplish this goal, a specific device to dynamically load and stimulate the bioprinted scaffolds will be employed and different parameters of stimulation will be testes and validated through immunological and molecular assays.

This project is suited for a Master/PhD research project.

This project will provide opportunity for the student to take part in a discovery project embedded in a multidisciplinary team based at the 3DBioFab@ACMD, St.Vincent Hospital, Melbourne.

The candidate will acquire expertise in 3D bioprinting and mechanical bioengineering.

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PhD, Masters by Research
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