Medical Bionics Department


Medical Bionics Department

The Medical Bionics Department is located at the Bionics Institute which has laboratories within St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and in East Melbourne.

Research undertaken encompasses the biology, engineering and clinical study of cochlear implants (bionic ear), hearing aids, retinal prostheses (bionic eye), and brain implants for epilepsy, and intractable neurological and psychiatric disorders, with multidisciplinary research teams working to advance knowledge and capability in the areas of bionic hearing, bionic vision and neurobionics.

Professor Robert Shepherd is the Professor of Medical Bionics and inaugural Head of Department of the Medical Bionics Department, and Director of the Bionics Institute.

Department of Medical Bionics student projects are available through theBionics Institute website.

Honorary Researchers and contacts at the department are:
Prof Rob Shepherd       
Prof Hugh McDermott       
Prof Peter Blamey       
Prof Colette McKay       
Dr James Fallon           
Dr Andrew Wise       

HR Officer & Student Coordinator:
Amelia Cavanagh