Public Health: Joanna Williams

Joanna Williams is a public health advocate and Director of Strategy at Bits and Bods, an inclusive digital platform for teens.

Graduated: 2017

Role: Director of Strategy, Bits and Bods

The work: I am in charge of the awkward – and fun – bits needed to run an organisation that starts inclusive conversations with teens about sex, bodies and relationships. My role covers organisational policy and governance, fundraising and external relations.

Professional highlights: There are so few opportunities to work on what you love in an organisation which is aligned with your values and vision. It’s a joy to support and facilitate young people sharing their stories and empowering teens to make more informed decisions about sex, bodies and relationships.

School highlights: The volunteer opportunities made available to me changed the direction of my career and how I viewed the world. Being a rapporteur at AIDS 2014 was a life-changing moment. Running our student association was another highlight – it was inspiring to work as part of a team that provided students with opportunities to connect and learn with each other, alumni, staff and public health organisations.